SNSD Fans Clash As Ex-Member Jessica Jung’s ‘Bright’ Fiction Novel Seems Too In Touch With Reality


It looks like Girls’ Generation aka SNSD’s story has a new twist, but the girl group’s fans aren’t happy with ex-member Jessica. Korean-American singer Jessica Jung, who was previously a member of Girls’ Generation, has dropped the second novel in her Shine series. The new novel titled “Bright” is a highly anticipated sequel to Jessica’s 2020 release “Shine.”

The original release of the second book was scheduled for October 2021 and after a long wait, the “Bright” novel was finally released on May 10. With the novel out, Sones (Girls’ Generation fans) and Jessica fans finally got their hands on the novel and identify excerpts from the book that hit very close to home in the context of the girl groups’ past. SMEntertainment.


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Does Jessica Jung call the band “Bright”?

Fans have been posting excerpts from the book as they read it online and are trying to put two and two together over disagreements that allegedly took place within Girls’ Generation when Jessica was still a member of the girl group. These clips were posted online, causing a lot of chaos in the fandom as OT8 fans (fans of active SNSD members) and Jessica fans clashed.

Jessica’s fans believe that the stories in the “Shine” and “Bright” novels are inspired by real-life situations Jessica experienced during her time with the girl group, while Girls’ Generation fans don’t want to believe that the story relates to real-life incidents that took place when the girls were actively promoting. OT8 Sones, on the other hand, questions the authenticity of claims made online against the girl group based on Jessica’s fictional story.

Jessica is the author of the novels ‘Shine’ and ‘Bright’ which follow Rachel’s journey as she tries to break into the K-pop industry (@jessica.syj/Instagram)

Jessica Jung’s fictional novel is a K-pop inspired story based on the life of Rachel, a Korean-American teenager who dreamed of becoming a K-pop idol. The first novel was about how Rachel was about to make her debut in the industry and now the series sequel “Shine” shows Rachel’s journey as a member of the fictional girl group Girls Forever who, ironically, also has nine members. .

“Why are so many people surprised? »

The first novel was a hit upon release as it told the story of the K-pop industry from an insider’s perspective, but Girls’ Generation fans are now starting to jump to conclusions based on real incidents. Some fans believe the incidents referenced in Jessica’s novel line up with incidents at Girls’ Generation’s past press conferences as well as references to her exit from SM Entertainment. One fan said: “Suddenly the line ‘snsd lost 1 sister but jessica lost 8’ hit me right in the gut.” Another fan joked, “Snsd is reading Jessica’s new book.”

Another fan said, “I read jessica vs snsd beef with 0 background knowledge on what they even reinforced.” Another fan said, “Snsd when they found out Jessica’s side hustle.” The fan who originally posted the screenshots from the book said, “THE CHINESE ARE GETTING RIGHT THROUGHOUT HOLY S**T” WE DON’T GO THERE IF YOU DO.

A fan of Jessica said, “Why are so many people so surprised at the content Jessica Jung wrote in Bright? I thought everyone should have known? Chinese fans even knew what happened around 930 2 days ago. why many Chinese fans decided to support Jessica.”

“Can Jessica at least confirm?”

One more fan argued, “People are always going to do whatever they can to belittle what Jessica had to say about 9/30 and how she felt…for some of us, that. which is written in the clear is not surprising because it’s stuff we’ve heard over the years, but it’s been called ‘unconfirmed rumours’ and lies.”

One SNSD fan wished: “Can Jessica at least confirm that Bright is also FICTIONAL? Please. Some of you pull everyone’s throats when you associate SHINE with girls and now , suddenly Bright is like an autobiography??? Isn’t it a sequel? I can’t. Leave Taeyeon and the girls alone.

Another Sone said: “About Jessica’s Bright: the book only tells her side of the story. It’s important that we know how she felt, but that doesn’t mean the way she told the things is 100% truth. We’ve never heard the SNSD side of the story. And even their side wouldn’t be 100% true.”

Another fan said: “As a snsd fan for 10 years now and Jessica biased. I know there are 2 sides of the coin. The 8 members may have done something wrong and J may have -be done something wrong too. I still love these 9 girls no matter what.”

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