Rangers and Hearts football fans clash in violent brawl


A violent fight between Hearts and Rangers fans broke out in the car park of a motorway service station after the Scottish Cup final between the two teams on Saturday.

The shocking incident, filmed at the Heart of Scotland Services in Harthill, shows fans from both sides throwing punches in a vicious brawl.

The two-minute clip shows a group lining up against each other on a grassy area of ​​the parking lot, reports The Daily Record.

Trouble then erupts as two men can be seen fighting in a fight before another man approaches the pair and begins punching one of the men on the ground.

Some of those involved have Hearts scarves wrapped around their heads, while others are wearing Jambos tops.

The scrap moves as the large group crowds around a bus of supporters parked in the gas station.

Fans clashed at the Heart of Scotland Services in Harthill

A small group continues the fight at the door as people can be seen throwing punches while others watch.

As the gang begins to disperse, a man on top of Hearts appears to run into a bus before another man wearing a Rangers shirt pushes him back down the steps.

Eventually the fight seems to calm down, but the video cuts off abruptly as angry fans are still outside the bus.

The shocking scenes broke after Rangers won the Scottish Cup final at Hampden on Saturday afternoon.

Giovanni van Bronckhorst’s side lifted the cup after beating Hearts 2-0 in extra time.

Footage of the brawl, released by Hooligans TV, sparked outrage from football fans across the country who condemned the violence.

Alan Harkness said: “Awkward for both clubs, no need for those kind of fans.”

Lee Darling added: “Absolutely disgusting behaviour. It’s only a football game and I can imagine there would have been a lot of scared kids on those buses.”

Fans punched and kicked each other
Fans punched and kicked each other

Tamour Tariq wrote: “It’s really bad, it’s just a sport.

“We are all Scots and as great Scots we should stick together, not fight. I hope everyone has returned home safe and sound.”

And Lee Dawn Albison said: “I love football. But I can’t stand the fans. It’s all pointless. Fighting for a game, tomorrow is another day and life should go on.

“Have a grip.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: ‘Police are aware of the images circulating but have not received any reports of the incident.

“If anyone has any information on this, please come forward and speak to the police.”

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