Rangers and Eintracht Frankfurt fans clash in ugly scenes ahead of Europa League final


There were ugly scenes in Seville ahead of tonight’s Europa League final with supporters of the two clubs clashing in the streets of the southern Spanish city.

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Rangers and Eintracht Frankfurt fans clash in ugly scenes ahead of Europa League final

Violence erupted in the streets of Seville ahead of Wednesday night’s Europa League final with clashes between rival Eintracht Frankfurt and Rangers fans.

Around 150,000 fans traveled to the Andalusian capital for the highly anticipated final, although the two groups of fans only received a combined total of 20,000 tickets. Five Eintracht Frankfurt ultras were arrested on Tuesday night after a group of 200 Germans attacked Rangers supporters in the city. It was reminiscent of scenes in the Spanish city two months ago when a group of Frankfurt hooligans attacked West Ham supporters – both clubs were playing in Sevilla that week.

Video footage captured the ugly clashes on the streets of Sevilla ahead of the Europa League final

On Wednesday, two groups of supporters filmed throwing chairs, umbrellas and tables at each other as angsty residents ran for cover. A German could be seen dodging as one of the missiles narrowly missed his head while a Rangers fan was punched in the face and head after being surrounded by a gang of Germans and left unconscious on the ground on the back. A friend rushed to his aid as the Eintracht Frankfurt hooligans drove away, but he appeared to be in bad shape after the beatings he received.

Rangers fans seemed to have taken over the area and were drinking in the bars

Fans could be seen throwing chairs, tables and umbrellas at each other

Footage shared on social media was inconclusive as to how the violence erupted, but it appeared Rangers fans were drinking in the bar where the incident took place. Frankfurt fans appeared to approach the bar before retreating. The two groups of supporters were engaged in an open street battle with seats rolled up from each group to the other.

Law enforcement sources identified the location where the incident occurred as the Puente de los Bomberos in the San Bernardo neighborhood, built in the 1920s over railroad tracks that existed at the time. It is near a downtown street called Calle Puerta de la Carne where the violence has continued.

Outraged locals retweeted the footage on the official account of Seville Mayor Antonio Munoz and Seville City Hall. A group of young cyclists on rented bikes had to get off their bikes and sprint to safety as the chairs were thrown through the air behind them. One of the city’s Tussam buses then interfered with the battle to act as a barrier before police forces arrived on the scene.

Although this is the second round of violent incidents in the space of 24 hours, police were keen to stress that there were no further incidents in the build-up to the match despite the massive influx of supporters from both clubs. Multiple social media posts showed fans of both teams mingling in central Sevilla ahead of the final.

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