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The couple moved to Meghan’s home state of California in March 2020 after stepping down from senior royal duties. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have barely returned to the UK from their new home since leaving royal family life two years ago.

But US royal commentator Kinsey Schofield called Meghan and Harry’s position a “limbo”, caught between associations with the Firm and more famous culture.

Speaking on the To Di For Daily podcast, Ms Schofield said: ‘They’re in this really weird place of being royalty and celebrity… but not enough of either.

“Really, it’s a bit strange. They are in this limbo.

Podcast guest Dax Holt, then hit back: ‘I would say it’s probably people in the UK saying that.

“Because here in America, Prince Harry and Meghan are still kings to us.”

He added: ‘We don’t care what they think in the UK.

“You can be mad at them, you can be upset they’re gone, you can side with whatever you want.”

“Sorry, they’re royalty here in America.”

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However, Buckingham Palace previously said that only “members of the Royal Family currently performing official public duties” will appear on the balcony for the Trooping the Color parade on June 2.

A spokesperson said the Queen, 96, made the decision after “careful consideration”.

Trooping the Colour, marking the Queen’s official birthday, usually features the majority of the Royal Family standing together on a palace balcony.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who no longer work in the royal family and no longer have access to their HRH credentials, will not be part of this number.

However, they retain the use of the title Sussex, which is confusing for many Americans, Professor Cele Otnes previously told

Marketing and royal branding expert Prof Otnes said the Duke and Duchess of Sussex titles mean very little to an American audience because America doesn’t have “the kind of reverence for these titles.

Professor Otnes, co-author of the book ‘Royal Fever’, said: ‘Americans don’t care about these titles because they are not part of our social structure.


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