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Juventus fans have had a run-in with one of the club’s former coaches, Roberto Baronio, after his emoji message on Twitter caused them to react.

Baronio worked with Andrea Pirlo at Juventus last season and they were sacked at the end of the campaign.

This season hasn’t been much better than the previous one and Juve ended the campaign with a 2-0 defeat at Fiorentina.

Their fans didn’t appreciate their form in the remaining matches after securing a Champions League comeback.

Baronio tweeted an emoji of an emotionless face after Juve’s loss to La Viola, according to Soccer Italy.

Bianconeri fans then jumped on his tweet and attacked him from every angle, believing it was about their club.

He responded by saying his emoji was not a reaction to the Bianconeri’s result. The report quotes that he tweeted: “Hello. I wake up, I open Twitter and I see a lot of offensive comments towards me, why? For an emoji that YOU interpreted at the level of “sportsman”… those who follow me on other social networks will know that I am going through a “situation” at home.

“So if before judging you had really understood? Sometimes we linger on the cover and think we know how it’s going to end! Heads up.”

Juve FC says

It hasn’t been a great season and Juve fans are clearly not happy with how their team ended the campaign.

They are now frustrated and they will go after almost anyone, as they showed in their actions towards Baronio.


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