BTS And Seventeen Fans Clashes Over J-hope And Hoshi’s “Horanghae” Pun


Those who are fans of Seventeen know that there is a joke between the group and the fans about Hoshi’s “horanghae”. Since the member’s representative animal is the tiger, he often uses the pun “horanghae” which is a combination of “tiger” and “I love you” in Korean. And when J-hope aka Hobi captioned his latest Instagram post as “horanghae,” fans were thrilled at the mini-interaction between their favorites. But some fans have created a toxic atmosphere by saving the word for their idol.

Since J-hope and Hoshi both belong to the same company, some fans wondered if they were friends, which is why the BTS star had to use the word “horanghae.” We also had Hoshi liking J-hope’s Instagram post and uploading a selfie in response. However, some fans were unhappy with the interaction. Some ARMY (BTS fandom) claimed J-hope coined the word while some Carats (Seventeen fandom) tried to ban non-fans from using the word.

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What is “horanghae”?

Seventeen’s Hoshi first coined the pun in June 2019 when he posted a picture of his hand in the shape of a tiger paw and captioned it “horanghae.” On the other hand, BTS often uses puns with “I love you” as seen with V offering the pun “Borahae” which means “I purple you” or “I love you until ‘at the end of days’ since purple is the last rainbow color. J-hope captioned his post which has a tiger decoration as “horanghae”. Many fans also think he could have used the pun since 2022 is the year of the tiger. And whether or not he invented the “horanghae” pun or participated in the Hoshi prank, a majority of fans have dissociated themselves from the toxic fans who are creating a fan war over who started the play on words.

We had a few ARMYs tweeting like “Horanghae was invented by Hobi today. he’s so cute for that!” and “17 stans thinking hobi is copying their hoshi guy using horanghae like Hobi even knows whose it’s- “We also had Carats respond negatively, “You’ll never be hoshi!” and “This @user [J-hope] with horanghae caption in insta must be one carat.

‘Collab when?’

However, most multi-fans were satisfied, with some even wondering if this was a hint that Hoshi was featured on J-hope’s new solo music. A fan shared, “Hoshi and J-hope collab when????” Another joked, “I can see hobi doing ‘AAAH HOSHI-YA HORANGHAAAEEEE’ every time they bump into eo in the elevators hybe and hoshi are laughing and shouting the same while the other members of both teams s bow profusely and apologize jdhjsks.” Another made a reaction meme, “Hobi & hoshi reunite today in hybe building after this horanghae instagram post by uarmyhope (real).” Another wondered: “What if in Hope world 2 there was an achievement.”

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