Blackpink Fans Confront Activists And Victims While Defending Jisoo’s “Snowdrop”


The controversy surrounding the K-drama “Snowdrop” starring Jisoo and Blackpink’s Jung Hae-in is starting to get ugly. The show was requested to be canceled after the first two episodes aired which appeared to distort the story. The production assured viewers that this was all just a red herring and that any misunderstandings would be resolved in future episodes. However, South Koreans deem him insensitive to activists and victims who had survived the bloody uprising on which “Snowdrop” is based.

Blackpink’s star Jisoo is set during South Korea’s 1980s uprising for democracy against the then military rule. The NSA who tried to shut it down was apparently a terror as they arrested innocent student protesters on trumped up charges. Leaders at the time justified the violence by claiming that the North Koreans were behind the revolts. In ‘Snowdrop’ we have the character of Jung Hae-in who is apparently a North Korean who disguises himself as an activist to escape the NSA. Viewers claimed that whether or not he was a spy, he was insensitive to the countless people who had suffered as the NSA tortured innocent people by falsely labeling them as spies.

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Blackpink fans clash with activists

Additionally, the series has been criticized for glorifying the NSA and whitewashing its regime in the name of suspense and twists in “Snowdrop.” And while more than 300,000 South Koreans have called for the show to be cancelled, some fans of Blackpink’s Jisoo are crossing boundaries as they clash with activists and victims’ families. First we had many Blinks (Blackpink’s fandom) claiming that BTS fans were behind the petitions and sabotaging the show. After prominent South Koreans speak out against “Snowdrop,” some fans tweet their displeasure asking why fact can’t be separated from fiction.

Activists have argued that one cannot whitewash such a bloody time in South Korean history in the name of fiction. The memorial foundation for martyr Lee Hanyeol, who actually died during the protests, said the historical revisionism unfolding in “Snowdrop” amounts to glorifying the Nazis. It was simply unacceptable, even for reasons of creative license. They shared that since there are still people in the world who are against democratization, the drama would further distort opinions. That doesn’t help since Blackpink’s Jisoo has a huge global fanbase who would tune in to watch the show. Reports also shared that fans were harassing the memorial by sending emails and making phone calls.

JTBC’s second statement

JTBC released a second statement after their “watch the show to clear up misunderstandings” announcement didn’t sit well with viewers. Citing an infringement on creative freedom, they once again pleaded with viewers to give the show a chance. They added that they too felt the same as the viewers and that is why the red herrings are all part of their story to rebuke the military regime. They ended their statement on a note of surrender saying that if the uproar doesn’t die down, they will have only two choices: either reveal the whole plot or just cancel the show. They also released a step-by-step guide video of their first two episodes to explain the misunderstandings.

“Pathetic behavior”

With more than a dozen sponsors still pulling out and 40% of daily Disney+ users boycotting the platform, the arguments on Twitter are getting serious. Users find it offensive that some Blackpink fans argue with activists and victims’ families. One user tweeted: “And now they tell mourners to turn off their tv???!!! wtf they really cross the atp line…” Another user commented: “I’m disgusted. Victims of the dictatorship should never be attacked and interrogated because the wounds are still fresh. This is pathetic behavior. The lack of empathy is not surprising because they have done it before. Ugh. That’s disheartening. Another user posted, “This situation has so quickly turned into the most bizarre disgusting mess of immorality, kpop stan culture is a disease.” One user said, “Blinks is going to end his career here, as come for the family of these martyrs, because you think the world revolves around jisoo.”

“This is a troll account”

However, some Blackpink fans claim that the situation is out of proportion and that they did not attack the victims: “Was this letter sent to the journalist who spoke about it? Not sure why you’re telling us at STFU when we didn’t make this up? It was literally reported by the media. I’ll believe it’s a lie when there’s media correcting it. Some also explained why they were defending the show in the first place: “They took their time to not only release a proper statement, but also to make a video clarifying parts of the episodes that people might consider problematic. This is how you move when you are confident in your work. Another added: ‘I wonder what other story they will do if it turns out that Snowdrop is criticizing the dictatorship at this time, not promoting it.’ Another fan tried to explain that they weren’t attacking the victims, “It’s an 8 follower troll account dedicated to throwing shit at everyone and since it has the icon Lisa, everything the world assumes it’s a Lisa stans when it’s not, neither Lisa nor her fans have anything to do with this controversy, Lisa is not Korean and not in this drama.

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