Avalanche fans, the city of Denver prepares for the Stanley Cup final


DENVER — Early Tuesday morning, Sportsfan stores in the Denver metro area were quick to carry the all-new Colorado Avalanche merchandise after the team won the Western Conference Finals and secured his ticket to the Stanley Cup final.

The speed at which merchandise arrived in the store was equal to the number of eager customers.

“Dropped off at Park Meadows, open the box, and the husband and wife are like, ‘Can we have one each?'” Sportsfan regional manager Andrew Solsbery said. “So we’re selling it direct.”

This same excitement can be felt throughout the city.

“It’s a huge deal for Denver because not only are the Avalanche in the Stanley Cup, but Denver is a sports city. We love our sports teams,” said Kate Barton, executive vice president of the Downtown Denver Partnership.

Barton says fans will have to wait to hear about the events and celebrations the city is planning.

“I don’t think we can talk about it because we don’t want to jinx it, but I’ll just remind people when the Broncos won the Super Bowl, that town was electric,” Barton said.

Matthew Payne of the Denver Sports Commission, an affiliate of Visit Denver, confirms that those conversations have started.

“The news is still fresh from last night’s victory, but I know there have been discussions, sort of, at the city level about some of the activities that could happen for people here, locally and all Avs fans,” Payne said.

Few have been closer to every Avs move than sports chat host Darren “DMac” Mckee, who returned from Edmonton fresh from the win Tuesday morning.

“I was there when they last won the cup, you know, over 20 years ago, and there’s a certain sense of pride among hockey fans in the hockey community,” said McKee.

McKee thinks the celebrations of two decades ago could be repeated. If they do, it will be a massive win for the Avs and the city.

“Generally, it was just a tremendous amount of joy and celebration. And so that’s what I’m anticipating with that as well…because I think good things are happening,” McKee said.

Denver7 investigated, in case you were thinking of going to a game. As of now, the cheapest ticket is around $900. The most expensive will cost you several thousand dollars.


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