10 Waning TV Shows That Fans Only Ended Because They Felt Compelled


Each medium of entertainment continues to take significant strides forward, but there is an additional level of innovation that comes with it. television. There was a time when television was considered inferior to the movie experience. The medium of storytelling has entered a golden age who is responsible for some of the best stories and characters of the decade.

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TV can struggle to understand how to extend a story over multiple seasons, potentially longer than expected. There is no shortage of TV shows that continue long after they have lost their purpose. The few viewers who remain tend to stay because of the time they have already invested in the program.

ten Alias ​​Constant Cliffhangers sabotaged the series

Sydney and Vaughn in Alias

JJ Abrams has translated his skill at creating mysterious television series into modern series in movie franchises. A.k.a was a exciting spy drama which lasted five seasons. A.k.a was proud of his incredulous cliffhangers and his ability to move forward in the story and subvert expectations. This desire to frequently reset the slate has become A.k.a’ bigger problem. A.k.a and his characters became more and more exaggerated. The scope and the stakes are so ridiculous by the last season.

9 Dexter fights to match his best years and ends with a laugh

One of the most frustrating things about being a fan of a popular TV show is that sometimes success can dominate the story. Many series continue past their natural expiration point as they are still big draws for their respective networks. Dexter is driven by its compelling premise. A self-defense serial killer lurks in plain sight in the Miami Police Department, but the idea is seeing greater diminishing returns with each season. Dexter‘s first four seasons maintain a relatively constant level of quality. However, each season gets sloppier with a truly baffling finish.

8 House Of Cards loses its way and its lead

Audiences mainly attentive Card castle’ subsequent seasons for closure and curiosity about how Kevin Spacey’s exit would be handled. Claire Underwood’s pivot isn’t necessarily a bad idea, but Card castle is a two or three season show that dragged for six seasons.

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The stakes and the obstacles are ridiculous in the end, and its best days are in the past. Same Card castle’ the most committed fans have left the ship. Sadly, Card castle ended on a low note.

seven The entourage takes a long time to say very little

There is some novelty with the entourage An insider’s look at a struggling actor’s journey to success in Hollywood. Sadly, Entourage became known for free sex and excessive celebration as opposed to subversive comedy. Vinnie Chase’s journey becomes stale and the characters regress. Entourage has worn out her welcome, and is practically a caricature of herself. While there isn’t much more to say at the end of season eight, a feature film followed later.

6 Heroes get more and more goofy with each season

Hero only worked four seasons, with an attempt from one season to one to restart, Hero: reborn. Hero encountered problems in his second season. The first season of Hero at incredible storytelling, but the popularity of these burgeoning heroes caused the series to abandon its original plans. Instead, they continued with characters who had already concluded their original stories. Each season of Hero struggle more than the previous one. It’s only Hero’ the ongoing mythology and curiosity about the fate of those once-beloved characters who kept people for the ride.

5 Weeds jump the shark early and never touch the ground

TV Weeds Nancy Field

Showtime is often guilty of running shows in the ground, keeping them as long as possible. There is an unusual charm to Weeds when it starts. Weeds follows Mary-Louise Parker’s Nancy Botwin as she struggles to make ends meet for her family, so she starts selling marijuana.

Nancy’s problems continually spiral out of control. Lots of view Weeds’ abandoning its original suburban setting, Agrestic, as a natural end. However, Weeds continues for eight seasons, sends the Botwins to Mexico and strays from his original mission statement.

4 The X-Files compulsion to give answers has ruined its mystery

X files has played a central role in the development of mainstream genre storytelling and has a long series of more than 200 episodes. X files maintains a surprising level of quality when it comes to its episodic monster stories of the week. However, the increasingly convoluted and shifting alien conspiracy mythology has worn viewers out. The loss of David Duchovny during X files subsequent seasons didn’t help, many viewers returned for the finale and the rerun just to find out what was going on.

3 Two and a half men barely look alike at the end

Any TV show will experience fatigue when it produces more than 250 episodes, but Two and a half men could have finished his race much earlier. There is nothing particularly innovative about the premise of the sitcom where Charlie Harper lustful of Charlie Sheen gets used to life with brother and nephew.

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Charlie Sheen, and later Angus T. Jones, both left the show, giving the later seasons a different energy. Fans were watching both out of obligation and morbid curiosity.

2 Archer gave up and returned to his premises after 12 seasons

TV Archer 1999 Space Season Cubert

Archer started out as a brilliant satire of the spy genre that features an entertaining cast of unscrupulous characters. After 12 seasons, Archer recently returned to his spy roots. For several seasons, Archer dropped its main premise / genre and turned into a dark mystery, adventure series, and space drama. Archer has taken extreme stylistic detours that have given it an unusual lifespan. Many audiences returned to see where Archer is heading after her “coma seasons” but there is a sense of obligation and closure that is present.

1 California languishes in hedonism and becomes unnecessary

Californication Television Hank Moody

Californication is essentially a vanity piece for David Duchovny who effortlessly plays the selfish womanizer, Hank Moody. Hank’s unrepentant demeanor and ability to fail upward as he strives to maintain a healthy family has a softness to it. Very quickly, Californication begins to spin its wheels. Hank is always messing up, and his revolving door of temporary romantic partners has less of an impact every time. Californication ‘s the central story slips, feels aimless, and ends the series with a forgettable whine.

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