10 Amazing Reddit Stories From Fans Meeting Wrestlers


For anyone who grew up as a wrestling fan, meeting their favorite wrestlers in person will be one of their biggest dreams. Kids who watch sports see wrestlers as superheroes and having a close encounter with them would be a memory they will never forget.

Many of these fans have shared stories of meeting their favorite wrestlers in person and how they interacted with them. Some of them are heartwarming, some hilarious, and some had a really bad time with the wrestlers. PS never look for the story of a guy taking Shawn Michaels’ table in a restaurant, you will regret it.

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With that said, let’s take a look at ten incredible stories from Reddit where fans shared their experiences of meeting their favorite wrestlers.

ten Knocking on Owen Hart’s Door

Owen Hart with fans

We’ve heard stories of fans sneaking up on wrestlers and making things very uncomfortable. Imagine people knocking on wrestlers’ doors and fanboying in front of them these days, but this user did the same when he was young and had a very pleasant experience with the late Owen Hart. His friend lived on the same street as Owen Hart, so they would sometimes ring his doorbell and ask him if he was there. But since he was on the road most of the time, they did not meet him.

However, Owen Hart opened the door one day, and the little kids were so stunned that they started saying silly things like, “You are our favorite! You are the best! Do you really hate your brother? you Hulk Hogan? ”Hart appreciated their presence and thanked them for stopping by and even signed their t-shirts.

9 Ric Flair’s runaway dog

Ric Flair with fans

It’s always a pleasant surprise to see a celebrity meet you out of nowhere, and this user, u / csmartin85, had such an experience while walking with his girlfriend and mother on a beautiful Friday afternoon. A cute little dog ran towards them as they walked, and as he leaned over to pet him, he heard someone screaming, “Son, take this little shit for me please!”

He looked up and saw Ric Flair come out of the sidewalk. He handed the dog over to Flair and said he was a huge fan. Flair responded by saying, “Well I’m a huge fan of you for having this dog because otherwise I would have to listen to my old lady’s mouth.”


8 Enzo Amore does not like masons


This user, omgitsprice the family were sitting in a bar next to some WWE Superstars like Neville, Sami Zayn, Bayley and Emma when they were on NXT. As they left, they saw Enzo Amore come back to get his phone and ask if they could have a picture.

According to the user, Amore quickly entered the character and the most realistic guy placed them. He leaned over and asked for the kid’s name, and when the kid answered Mason, he immediately shouted, “But I don’t like Masons.” He then took a picture with the kid and made himself a lifelong fan.

seven Bobby Lashley suddenly remembers Kayfabe

Bobby Lashley versus.  Umaga steel cage

This user u / dla3253 met a few wrestlers, but his story of meeting Bobby Lashley would make us laugh. The user was at Original Joe’s in downtown San Jose when he saw Lashley walk into the restaurant after an ECW check-in.

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This was the episode where Lashley jumped through a steel cage on Umaga. He had entered the restaurant casually, but when the waiter told him they were wrestling fans, he quickly got into kayfabe and started limping to sell the jump. Lashley then went to shake their hands and thank them for coming to the show.

6 Threatened by a Rikishi Stinkface


Back in 2003, this user got to meet John Cena, Rey Mysterio and Rikishi in a Hooters in Tampa. Her family was in town for her sister’s cheerleader pageant, and they went to Hooters with no idea who they would meet there. They panicked when John Cena, Rikishi, and Rey Mysterio walked in one after the other. They mentioned that Mysterio was the coolest of the three as he played with one of his family’s newborn babies like it was his own.

Rikishi even threatened to put a smelly face on the user’s cousin’s father. They finally got a picture with Cena holding the baby and continued on their way.

5 Good guy Sheamus

Sheamus meets a young fan

Queuing up at WWE welcome meetings can test the patience of even the calmest man in the world, having waited a long time for someone to push them back in just seconds to move the queue forward. .

However, this user u / NoSThundeR had a different interaction with Sheamus. After standing in line for years, it was his friend’s turn to take a picture, he took the picture on his phone and it turned out blurry. Security refused to let him take another photo, but Sheamus intervened and said, “Let the guy take another photo. These guys have been waiting a long time to meet me, I don’t care if they take a dozen or so. Pictures.”

4 Roman Reigns signs a llama photo

Roman Reigns signs an autograph

Fans usually bring posters, t-shirts, and other wrestling merchandise to meet and be signed by their favorite wrestlers. However, this user Linkhare shared a story that Roman Reigns signed a photo of a llama.

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Reigns thought it was weird at first, but the user explained to him that he was showing him what the llamas looked like, referring to the behind-the-scenes promo of The Shield calling the Wyatt family sheep masks as llama and camel masks. Reigns chuckled and signed the picture and said, “I’m telling you, man, he’s a llama.”

3 Hulk Hogan owes this user $ 2

Hulk Hogan signs autograph

Hulk Hogan has inspired millions of his fans throughout his wrestling career, however, he has rubbed shoulders with this user. u / jaggedgenius the wrong way round before a WCW nWo Souled Out an event.

He saw Hulk Hogan with five giant suitcases struggling to open the hotel’s front door. He picked up the bag Hogan had dropped and opened the door for him. Hogan said, “Thank you brother,” in his own way, and took an 8×10 photo and asked if he had a pen. The user handed him a sharpie, and Hogan signed it. When he reached out to get the autographed photo, Hogan directly asked for $ 20. The user refused to pay the money and Hogan simply walked away. The user claims that Hogan left without returning the sharpie and that he still owes him $ 2.

2 Brock Lesnar prefers male Uber drivers


Brock Lesnar is an interesting person when it comes to his offscreen life. We have heard many stories, but this user u / jg242302 shares her conversation with an Uber driver who has previously driven the Beast Incarnate. The driver revealed that he picked Lesnar at the airport, took him to one of the nice hotels, and then took him to a fancy steakhouse to meet Paul Heyman.

He also revealed that Brock Lesnar specifically requested a male driver when booking the taxi. He almost had a pic with Lesnar and Heyman, but when people started to notice him, Lesnar quickly backed up.

1 The godfather is a better rocker than the undertaker

The entrepreneur and the sponsor

This user u / The_Swamp_Thing recalled the moment The Undertaker walked into his cigar shop. He revealed that Taker entered the inscription “Closed” once he entered the store and spent about 30 minutes going through aspects of cigar types / brands.

He spent around $ 300 on cigars and tipped the user $ 50. The Godfather walked in the next day and said The Undertaker told him to stop by. He bought some cigars and left a $ 100 tip, and made the user promise to tell everyone that he was a better tip than The Undertaker.

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